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Are You Interested in a Cowichan Repair Café?

You’ve heard of the 3R’s…..Reduce, Re-use, Recycle. Are interested in adding Repair to this mantra?

Are you a fixer?    Do you have items you would rather learn to fix than throw “away”?

RC-logo-smToss it away? No way!

Repair cafés enlist volunteer fixers to help community members fix broken household items and teach them basic repair skills.
They help shift us from a throw-away to fix-it society! (I know many of you have been hungry for this type of solution.)

Most of the fixers are hobbyists who enjoy helping others and want to keep items out of the landfill.  Fixers can repair computers, toasters, lamps, chairs, clothes, jewelry, books and more!

Let us know if you are interested in being a fixer, helping to organize a Repair Café day or interested in getting help with fixing something – Reply to if a Cowichan Repair Café interests you!


Do We Have the Wisdom to Survive? Film & Discussion – Thurs, Feb 11th, 7pm Cowichan Estuary Nature Centre, Hecate Park, Cowichan Bay

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